Idalynn Paull


1961 - 2006


Idalynn Paull passed away after a two year long battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was a life member of the Greenock Volunteer Fire Company serving both in the Auxiliary and in the Administrative roles of the Organization.

Idalynn began her volunteer career at the age of 16. She put her heart and sole into her many roles at the Greenock Volunteer Fire Company including running dinners and fish fries, working on the fair committee, volunteering as janitor, teaching children about fire prevention, being an elf for Santa on the truck,  director/hall rental coordinator, cooking for "the guys" after a long fire or rescue call, and most of all always being there and being a friend to all those she knew. 

Idalynn was a valuable member of the Greenock Volunteer  Fire Company and will be sadly missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to her Father, Husband, Children and friends.


Created December 26 2006

Updated  February 25, 2009